Flamme Rouge Gran Tour at Totalcon

Join us in the inaugural "Flamme Rouge Gran Tour at Totalcon" where players will be able to test their mettle against others in Flamme Rouge over a six stage Gran Tour.

This is also the New England premiere of "Flamme Rouge: Peloton", the first expansion of "Flamme Rouge".

Stage details will be posted soon.

The stages of the "Flamme Rouge Gran Tour at Totalcon" will be run:

  • Stage 1 and 2: Friday, Feb. 23, 7pm
  • Stage 3 and 4: Saturday, Feb. 24, 1pm
  • Stage 5 and 6: Saturday, Feb 24, 7pm

Stronghold Games is sponsoring the event by providing the copies of Flamme Rouge and Flamme Rouge: Peloton.

Check out the vendors & exhibitors coming:

Our vendors & exhibitors page

Don't Miss the Swag

When You Register

  • T-Shirt $20
  • Beer Mug $5
  • Dice Bag $5 <
  • Map Tube $25
  • Copper Cup $15
  • TotalCon Pin $5
  • Silver Flask $10
  • Copper Flask $10
  • Badge Wallet $8

TotalCon 32 Market Submissions Open

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TotalCon 32 Math Trade

Participants must submit want list by Feb. 10, 8pm:

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Pre-Registration Is Closed

Badges will be available onsite. $75 for 4 day weekend. $25 per day Thursday and Sunday, $30 per day Friday and Saturday. Badges are all-inclusive (except for special events, tournaments, or workshops). NOTE: Thursday morning gaming is by pre-registration only. Events in listings with numbers codes in RED are sold out. Remember, you may join any game that has an open seat as long as you have a valid badge.

Registration information and Event listings click HERE

See the Registration page for instructions.

Event Listings

Event Listing files are available. Click here.

Event listings were updated on 2/10/18. Events with code numbers listed in RED are sold out.

New England Regional Tournament Board Games Announced

The tournament board games for Totalcon 2018 have been selected and New England titles are on the line for:

  • Splendor
  • Dominion
  • Power Grid
  • Puerto Rico
  • St Petersburg
  • Ticket to Ride
  • Stone age
  • Terraforming Mars
  • Concordia
  • Acquire

There will also be a Catan National Qualifier tournament. The winner will get transportation and lodging to go to Origins and play in the US National tournament.

Hotel Reservations are Open for Totalcon 32

Avast Ye Mateys!! Prepare to set sail for high adventure. All brave scallywags and lasses will meet at the port of call known as The Best Western Royal Plaza in Marlborough, MA next February 22-25, 2018. All are welcome to join the crew of the finest gaming vessel in these here parts, known as TotalCon 32.

Room are still available at regular hotel rates. Use this link to book your room:

Best Western Hotel Reservations

The only passport you will need is your imagination!

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