Event registration is now open and will end December 20, 2016.

No events will be accepted after this date due to online system and book printing requirements. No exceptions!

You must log in before you can submit an event (click login at the top of the page). If you do not have a user account go here to create an account. Once logged in, you will be able to access the event submission page.


Every convention needs dedicated, passionate, and talented people like you to run events that give players what they want most, a really great and memorable gaming experience. You help make a good con great! You can submit your event on-line or download the forms by using the links provided below.

We accept events in all genres: role-playing, miniatures, card games, board games, independent games, young player games, LARPs, and more. If you would like to host a special event or tournament that needs special accommodations (several tables, large spaces, etc) or needs significant lead time for promotions, please contact the Event Director, Steven Parenteau, as early as possible so arrangements can be made.

Events received by November 15 are guaranteed to be in the pre-reg listing and on-site book. Events received after November 15, will be accepted at the discretion of the directors according to space and time slot availability.

Event Submission Clarifications

Attendees registered as adults (not a child 6-16) may not pre-register for any young player events (events listed in the “Y” section in the registration system). Please allow our up and coming gamers to have the places they need to learn and socialize with other attendees their age. Parents of children playing an event may play in the event with their child if space permits.

When submitting an event or signing up for an event please check the “Maturity Rating” for the event. If you are a game master and submit an event with a rating “Everyone” you have acknowledge that children as young as 6 years old may be present at your game. Attendees: if you select an event please check that you meet the maturity requirement of the event. This will help mitigate late starts or issues at the tables.

Everyone denotes that anyone 8 years old, (6 if accompanied by an adult) or older, is permitted to participate in these events.

E10 denotes attendees aged 10 and up are permitted to participate in these events. Reading cards and such is required for these events.

Teen denotes attendees aged 13 and up are permitted to participate in these events. These games often have violence and sometimes mild adult language in them.

Mature denotes attendees aged 17 and up are permitted to participate in these events. They often have violence, adult language and crude remarks. Any event running into the late night game slot (11pm) is always labeled mature.

Mature 18+ Mature 18 is used sometimes by special request from the writer of the event for anything else that is not listed above and want to keep the non-adult crowd from playing. A warning is often listed in the game description.

GM and Volunteer Rewards

With respect to the badge price changes, the game masters and volunteer appreciation policy has been restructured. Game masters and volunteers will be credited $6 for every 2 hours of event or volunteer time completed onsite at the convention.

All Game Masters and Volunteers must register for the convention. Reimbursement to game masters and volunteers can take up to 60 days after show ends unless other arrangements have been made. All reimbursements are through the PayPal system unless other arrangements have been made.

During pre-reg anyone may volunteer to participate at Total Confusion as a volunteer. A new department section labeled “V” will be loaded in the system. If you have available time, select the “V” department and it will lock your reservation system for that time block. Volunteering must be done as 2 hour block minimums and spacing is limited for any time block. Volunteers participate in a variety of functions; set-up, breakdown, security, patrol, registration desk, line control, flea market, runner, and other duties as assigned.

Board Game Teachers

Teaching board games earns 1/2 credit for every two hours of game time. To qualify for 1 day registration, you must run 8 hours of game time, full 4 day registration is earned for 24 hours of game time.

Forms & Contacts

Instructions for event submissions

Event policies and procedures

Steven Parenteau: Event Director, role-playing dept, TC Realms, general event questions

Bruce Heroux: Young Player Director

Rob Kircher: Board Game Director

Aaron Beeson: Miniature Coordinator

Ian Graham: Card Game Coordinator