Convention Policies

Totalcon policies and general information:

The convention is a family oriented show. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on the convention floor.
No pets allowed except “service” animals. NO animals are allowed at the convention. If you come into the area with an animal you will be asked to take it back to your room and return when it is no longer in your possession. The only exception is designated service animals.
COVER ART was done by Don Higgins. More incredible artwork found in our book and on our t-shirts can be found at Don’s booth in our dealer’ s hall and or you can contact him at
Attendee Behavior:
We reserve the right to ask you to leave the convention and refuse to refund your registration money if you are behaving inappropriately. Please respect other convention attendees and yourself. TotalCon forbids abusive, insulting, harassing or intimidating behavior. Please report any incidents in which a member of the convention is abusive, insulting, intimidating, bothersome, or acting in an unsafe or illegal manner to Convention Security. In addition, attendees must observe a “quiet” time after 11:00pm when they are in gaming areas or hallways in the main hotel area (Garden Court).
Award Ceremony:
This will be taking place on Saturday at 6:00 p.m. in the Garden Court. Total Confusion Awards will be presented as well as the North East Gaming Awards. In order to receive your prize(s) you must attend the Awards Ceremony. No prizes will be mailed. Some of the awards that have been given out in the past are: “Best Toady”, “The Puppy Masher”, “Best Miniature”, “The Total Cup”, “Star Fleet Battles”, “Puffing Billy:, “Chairman of the Board”, “BattleTech Championship”, “Iron Kid”, “The Clay Khan”, “The Iron Justicar”, “The 13th Warrior” and of course “ The Life Time Achievement Award”.
You must wear your name badge at all times to be admitted to any convention function in the Convention area. You MUST have your name badge to purchase an event ticket. Please wear it in a visible area on your person. Anyone attending an event JUST to observe should ask for a FREE Visitor's badge at the Registration desk. All visitors found without a badge will be dealt with by convention security. Badges can be picked up at Registration upon entering the convention.
Board Game Library:
Board Room Games Library offers many board game titles that any registered attendee of Total Confusion may check out free of charge. The Library will be prominently displayed in the Board Game Hall.
We encourage our attendees to show off their costumes, however, any attendee’s costume designated by the Staff to be not appropriate to a family oriented facility, said attendee will be asked to change into appropriate dress. Military uniforms dated after 1900 can only be worn by active military personnel.
also known as slots are the length of time an event runs. For instance most role-playing events run 4 hours so they are 2 blocks long. German board games are almost always 2 hours so they are set for 1 block. NOTE: Events running during the 11pm time slot are often open ended with there times so they often do not end at 1am but run earlier or later depending on the course of the game.
Event Cancellation:
Announced events are subject to change and/or cancellation without notice. Every effort will be made to announce any changes via the Internet, pre-convention publications, our onsite book and posting in registration. Cancellation of events is unfortunate but can occur. If your event is cancelled prior to the convention, you will receive a generic ticket for each event that was cancelled.
Event tickets:
EVENT TICKETS NON-REFUNDABLE/NON-RETURNABLE/NON-TRADABLE if you buy an event ticket it is yours for the duration of the convention. The only exception is if the event is officially cancelled, then the ticket price will be refunded.
Total Confusion is more than happy to receive flyers from other conventions and stores that are willing to have our flyers on display in an equal exchange. We will place your flyers in our swag bags as soon as we receive them. To optimize your promotions, it is suggested that you mail them before the start of the convention or bring them on-site early Thursday . We do not have a flyer table.
Game Masters:
GAME MASTERS MUST REGISTER FOR THE CONVENTION especially if you wish to play in events. Once your obligations to the Convention have been completed, you will be entitled to reimbursement, etc. If you have any questions regarding the registration process please contact your event coordinator.
Game Masters Social:
This is an event for our judges and game masters thanking them for their hard work. Game Masters are asked to join us on Friday at 11pm in the Phoenix room (Boxwood Room) for drinks and snacks. Game Masters and VIPs mingle in this late night social. Beverages and food will be served with the conventions thanks.
Generic Tickets:
GENERIC TICKETS can be purchased at the registration area for the same price as an event ticket. 1) You can use the generic ticket to fill a “No Show” seat in a sold out event. 2) You can use the ticket to play in any event that has not been filled. 3) You can use your generic ticket to enter a miniature in the miniature painting contest. 4) You may return them for a refund.
Group Discount:
Groups of five (5) for more attendees registering by mail for all weekend may deduct $5.00 per registration. All registrations must be included in the same envelope, however, separate check are okay. You do not need to be an official or organized gaming club to receive this discount; any five+ attendees who preregister for all weekend together are eligible. Please note this discount only applies to mail-in registration.
NO CAMPING IN THE HALLS OR LOBBY! If you are found sleeping in the public areas, you will be asked to go to your hotel room. If you do not have a room, hotel or venue security will be forced to ask you to leave. Check the message board for people looking for people to share rooms and costs. Please do not abuse our hotels or convention facilities, including putting signs on walls. If you want to post an event please report to the registration office or events office for permission.
Hotel Room Rates:
Hotel rooms are available at a discount rate if you book early. Please mention Total Confusion when booking your room to receive the discount price.
Lost and Found:
Lost items if found will be located at the Registration area of the convention. Total Confusion is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged property, or for injuries sustained during the course of the convention.
Open Gaming:
Open Gaming this year we will have space dedicated for open gaming. Open gaming does not require tickets and cost nothing but no prize tickets are awarded or score points for the Chairman of the Board. Bring your own games or check games out of our game library.
Mail-in preregistration forms postmarked after February 13th will be brought to the convention site and returned to you at the registration table unopened. We apologize for this inconvenience; however, we must halt the preregistration process by this date in order to prepare for the convention. If you preregistered and do not attend the convention, your registration and ticket fees will not be refunded. However, if you purchased a T-Shirt this will be sent to you via United State mail after the convention.
The online registration does not stop or block the sale of tickets for any event. It will remove the event only if said event has been cancelled by Total Confusion's Event Coordinator. The number of tickets for events may vary and may even increase due to the number of attendees who sign up wanting to play in the event. Attendees do not get notified or receive confirmation prior to the convention of what events they have or if an event they requested was sold out. As indicated in several places, when we pull tickets for an attendee's prereg and the event is sold out, the attendee will receive a generic ticket for the number of blocks for that event. It will not matter whether the prereg is online or mail in.
Total Confusion’s hotel facilities is a non-smoking environment and smoking is allowed only in your rooms or designated areas.
Total Confusion is always looking for artwork for their yearly events. Please feel free to submit your artwork for review. If chosen, the artwork is displayed on the Onsite Registration Booklet and displayed on the home page of Total Confusion’s website. We are now accepting artwork for our onsite cover and t-shirt for 2010. Please forward your submission to
Weapon Policy:
Please abide by our weapons policy: All weapons must be non-working and peace bonded. No functioning projectile weapons includes water pistols, silly-string guns, and ping-pong pistols. Bladed weapons must be cased or sheathed at all times. Any weapons brought into the convention should be brought to the Registration office to be peace bonded. If you come into the area with a weapon not peace bonded you will be asked to take it back to your room or car, and return when it is no longer in your possession or peace bonded.
Total Confusion V.I.P. are attendees that have dedicated themselves to helping Total Confusion and bringing quality events for everyone. For their hard work they receive the following benefits as our thanks to them: Complimentary registration, events tickets, convention t-shirt and Phoenix room access for the entire event. Please thank them for their dedication to our hobby.
Young Player Events:
are for gamers sixteen (16) and under. There are several events only for these players. Young Players are not allowed to play in events scheduled for the late night slots from 11:00PM-8:00AM