Vendors & Exhibitors

TotalCon 32 has a great line up of vendors and exhibitors this year. Please feel free to click the links to learn more about the stores, companies, and artists who will be in attendance.

Vendor Hall

Located in ballroom Salon A

Dragonbait Minis

Coventry D├ęcor

Goodman Games

Modern Myths

Greenfield Games

Crossroad Games

Medieval Starship

Game King

Dragon's Lair

Chris Korczak, Bookseller

Vendor/Exhibitor Row

Located in hallway starting at Salon A through Salon E

Sarah Dahlinger - Artist

Sprites Battle ArenaCard Game

GiddyGames, LLC

Screaming Brain


Jeff Talanian (industry Guest) with Northwind Adventures

Geek Fever Games

Quigley Cupcakes

White wizard Games

Vampires and Unicorns (Yum Factory Game)

Ogmios- Artist

Heather Spencer: Face Painter