Total Confusion has many departments to help give you a well rounded full 4 day weekend of gaming fun. We feature role-playing, board games, miniature games, young player games, video games, a few card games, panels, movie screenings, live shadow cast performances,workshops, regional championships, national qualifiers, and several special events like IRON GM and Cube of Death each year. To learn more about these departments, please visit the links below:

Role Playing Department

Total Confusion hosts the largest role-playing event in New England with a huge selection of events each year brought to you by some of the best GMs in the area. TotalCon has four major areas in the role-playing departments; TC Realms, RPGA, Single Table Events, and Independent Games/Special Guest of Honor hosted events. TotalCon introduced Pathfinder to our events in 2009.

TC Realms is Total Confusion's own 10 years + strong campaign, currently using the 3.5 rules system. Premier modules are hosted at Total Confusion. The TC Realms headquarters is set up for on-site character updates. TC Realms is also run at other local conventions and TotalCon sponsored game days at local stores through out the year. New: In 2014 TC Realms started a new campaign, TC Ancient Lands. New adventures await with all new mods for low level characters. New players wanted. More information about TC Realms and Ancient Lands can be found at TC REALMS FACEBOOK DISCUSSION GROUP

Questions about TC Realms character creation can be sent to Steven Parenteau.

The RPGA and Pathfinder Society (under the direction of David Montgomery) have grown from a few tables to one of the largest events in the region featuring the latest Battle Interactives for each group. Each year, events are updated and available to view on Warhorn. Players are encouraged to use Warhorn for GM needs and on-site mustering. You must still register with the convention to secure your seat at the table. WARHORN WEBSITE

Single table events are role-playing games that are specially designed for convention play, usually hosted in 2 to 4 hour time slots. Pre-generated characters are usually given. TotalCon has several Game Masters who offer these events featuring some of the latest and some of the greatest role-playing systems like GURPS, Call of Cthulhu, AD&D, 7th Sea, Cyberpunk, Star Wars, Modern D20, StarShip Troopers and more. TotalCon now features a dedicated Old School area for Industry Guests and Dungeon Masters who want to offer original and early versions of D&D which has been growing for the last few years.

Independent Games and Special Guest of Honor hosted events have been growing over the past few years and are now exciting and rewarding parts of the convention. We have been extremely proud to have companies like Carnivore Games, Grey Ghost Press, and Dilly Green Bean Games in our hall offering their fantastic events for you. Past Guests of Honor include Frank Mentzer (former TSR, Inc employee and founder of the RPGA), Mark Edwards (writer, Catalyst GameLabs), Andre Kruppa (theatrical style CoC GM with mods published by Chaosioum), Jay Libby (DillyGreenBean Games and Cyberpunk V3 artist), Brad Younie (president, Carnivore Games) and more. If you would like to share a role-playing game you created with the TotalCon attendees, please let us know. It would be our honor to welcome you to this event. Please contact Steven Parenteau for more information.

Board Game Department

Total Confusion is proud to host one of the largest board game events in the New England area. Over the past few years, the board game area has grown to be an yearly favorite for both competitive players and casual gamers. From classic favorites to the latest games to hit the market, chances are, you can find it at TotalCon. So stop by to grab a quick game between other events or stay to compete in the many tournaments offered. All are welcomed to have fun.

B-17 Event:

The US Army is looking for new recruits to join the 8th Air Force as we continue the daylight bombing missions over the Reich. We have new B-17s looking for pilots. Can you navigate your bomber and bring your crew home? No experience needed. We have flight training available Friday at noon in the Amphitheater. If you cannot make the training we can pair you up with an experienced pilot to help you along with your mission. Wheels up on the B-17 tournament is Friday at 1pm. Points for this event counts toward Chairman of the Board.

Open Gaming Interest List

If you want to find other gamers to schedule play in the open gaming areas or to request or offer teaching a game, check out the Totalcon 31 open gaming requests list on Boardgamegeek.

White Wizard Games is coming to Totalcon!

They are hosting 3 premier events

B269 Friday 7 pm Hero Realms TotalCon Tournament

The city-state of Thandar is in grave peril! Now is the time for heroes to fight to save their realm! Come prove your metal and take your place in history as the TotalCon Hero Realms Champion!

Haven't played Hero Realms? You can still play in this event! Just stop by the White Wizard Games table and get a demo on Thursday or Friday before the tournament.

Prizes: Participation promo cards for all players, prize promo cards for the top 8, and a playmat for the winner!

Note: Games will be provided, just show up and play!

B365 Saturday 1 PM Epic Card Game Qualifier for the 2017 Epic World Championship

The gods battle for the fate of the world! Prove you are no mere mortal as you qualify for the 2017 Epic Card Game World Championship (where every player wins at least $500 and the World Champion gets $25,000)!!!

Epic plays like a TCG, but without the high cost and hard-to-find cards.

Haven't played Epic? You can still play in this limited Qualifier! Just stop by the White Wizard Games table Thursday or Friday and get a free demo. Come see why card gamers from the most casual to Magic Pro Tour Champions and Hall of Famers love Epic.

Format: Sealed 60 Swiss rounds, Dark Draft top 8.

Prizes: Participation promo cards for all players! Prize promo cards for the top 8. Top finishers will receive exclusive card storage boxes and playmats! The winner qualifies for the 2017 Epic World Championship where they will win $500 to $25,000!

Note: This is a limited qualifier, so you don't need to build a deck ahead of time. Players must bring (or purchase on site) a set of Epic Card Game, Epic Tyrants, and Epic Uprising.

B366 Sunday 10 am Star Realms TotalCon Tournament

The shifting alliances and constant skirmishes of the great galactic powers have created total confusion in your quadrant. In such chaos, a great leader like you sees opportunity. Assemble your fleet. Defeat your adversaries. Claim your Star Realm!

Haven't played Star Realms? You can still play in this event! Just stop by the White Wizard Games table and get a demo on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Come see why Star Realms won 7 Game of the Year awards!

Euroquestrian Tournament Returns!

Score points playing games from a long list at any time during Totalcon. At the end of the convention, the player with the most points wins. Rankings will be posted during the convention. See the rules and list of games at Euroquestrian Tournament Rules.

New England Regionals

Each year we select 11 games to be included in our tournament series. These games are chosen from the most played events from the previous Total Con plus 2 slots reserved for new games which prove themselves from Origins, WBC, GenCon or Essen. The format is a first round of three heats. You can play in as many as you wish. Only your top 2 finishes are used to determine advancement. Any 2 wins will guarantee to advance. If we get more 2-win players than what can be seated at the final, a semi-final will be played before the final. All tie-breakers will be based on order of finish, then percentage of winner’s score. So it’s always in your interest to keep the leader close.


New England Regional 2017 schedule

Totalcon is also a sponsor of the Meeple League, which is dedicated to advancing competitive boardgame play. Seven of the NER tournaments are also Meeple League Sponsored events, where players earn points toward Meeple League annual ratings: Puerto Rico, Power Grid, Stone Age, St. Petersburg, Ticket to Ride, Splendor and Castles of Burgundy.

Gaming Library

We have a library of board games that any badge-holder is allowed to sign out for play. We do require that we hold a photo id. The library is open from 8am until midnight. Download a complete list of games in the board game library.

Chairman of the Board

Chairman of the Board Award goes to the best boardgamer during the convention. You score points for placing 1st-3rd (4,2,1 points) in up to 10 different board games played during scheduled tournament rounds in the board game room plus bonus points for placing in any board game tournaments:

  • 1-10 players: 1st (2), 2nd (1)
  • 11-20 players: 1st (3), 2nd (2), 3rd (1)
  • 21-30 players: 1st (4), 2nd (3), 3rd (2), 4th (1)
  • 31-40 players: 1st (5), 2nd (4), 3rd (3), 4th (2)
  • 41+ players: 1st (6), 2nd (5), 3rd (4), 4th (3)

Only your best finish per title is used and you can score in up to 10 different games for a maximum of 40 points before adding any bonus points. The qualifying games are the 10 NER events, Catan, Diplomacy, 1830, 18XX and Empire Builder.

Puffing Billy

The tournament is named after the first patented locomotive. The goal of the tournament is to encourage the play of train games. To qualify for the PBT, you must score in 4 different categories of train games. Your best score in each category will count toward your total Puffing Billy® score. Download the full tournament rules. Download the full tournament schedule. The game categories are:

  • Ticket to Ride - all ticket variants
  • Empire Builder - all variants
  • 18XX - all variants
  • Express, Union Pacific, Santa Fe, Freight Train, Ticket to Ride Card Game, Station Master, Hell Rails, On the Underground, Trans America / Trans Europe
  • Settlers of America, Metro, Streetcar, Chicago Express, Steel Driver, Trainsport, Railway Rivals / Dampfross, Stephenson's Rocket, Days of Steam, and all other 2 hour games
  • Railways of the World - all variants, Railroad Tycoon
  • Express, Brass / Age of Industry, and all other 3 hour games
  • Silverton, Steam / Age of Steam
  • Rail Baron, Baltimore and Ohio, and all other 4 hour or longer games

Gaming Totes

We encourage players to bring copies of games to make sure we have enough. However we cannot hold totes at the board game HQ. Please use tables along the wall on the right side of the ballroom. Do not leave totes on a table, they will be moved to the stage. We expect all tables to be in use on Saturday.

In addition, Total Confusion offers special events like Wits and Wagers and Independent Games hosted by the game designers, teaching games and "play to win" games in the board game area.

If you have any questions, comments, or want to help host events in the board game area, please contact the board game director Rob Kircher.

Click here for GM information.

Miniatures Department

Total Confusion has a diverse miniature department that hosts events covering historicals, wargaming, and fantasy miniatures games. If you would like to connect with local miniature groups, face challenges from new opponents, or defeat old foes in epic battles...come to TotalCon! You are also invited to bring your favorite miniatures to enter into our painting contest or create new works of art during a paint and take session. Each year TotalCon offers a great selection of miniature events that shouldn't be missed.

Some of the annual favorite events in the miniature area are:

  • TC Circvs Maximvs (circvs maximus on lego scale)
  • Classic BattleTech Tournament
  • NE Championship Car Wars

Other favorite past events have been: Giant Monster Smash, Check Your Six, AT-43, Flames of War National Qualifer, 40K Last Man Standing Tournament, Route 66-Zombies, War at Sea, Hero and Horror Clix, Formula De,AK-47, Dog Fights, Transformers, Warlord, CAV, Battlefield Evolution, Babylon5, Starship Troopers and much more! The selections change over the years but the quality of events is always high!

Total Confusion has also hosted special events like terrain building seminars, visits from special Guests like Alex Fennel from Mongoose Publishing, and exhibitors such as Blue Moose Arts custom miniature paintings and Your Move Games with BattleGround Fantasy Warfare to make your miniature gaming experience complete. So come try something new this year! We are always in need of groups, stores, and GMs willing to bring in great terrain and offer events and tournaments to miniature fans at TotalCon. It is a great way to help promote your group while keeping the hobby strong. If you are interested, please email the events director Steven Parenteau,

Click here for GM information.

Young Players Department

Total Confusion hosts a special area for young players aged 6-16 year old to let families enjoy the convention together and to bring the joy of face-to-face gaming to the next generation of players. The area is under the direction of Bruce Heroux, who is not only an active member in the local gaming community, but is a middle school teacher, too. He has the patience, sense of humor, and skills needed to create a wonderful learning experience for young players while making the games a lot of fun as well.

The young player area is now located in the Board Game area so parents can be near by and join in the fun. Games are age appropriate and special tournaments have been created. An annual favorite is the Clay Wars Tournament. Mr. Heroux has also taught many young players various Steve Jackson games (Munchkin Burger, Battle Cattle, Dino Hunt), Lord of the Flies, Kung Fu Fighting, Settlers of Catan, Ubongo, Apples to Apples, Hero Quest, and more.

Young Players are also welcomed in other areas as long as the event has been rated for young players and they have the required experience.

The Young Player area is designed to bring the joy of gaming to children and teens with age appropriate events. We do not offer babysitting services. Children 5 and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times. If you would like to help host games in this area, please contact Bruce Heroux.

Click here for GM information.

Panels, Movies, Special Events, and More!

The fun does not end with our main events. TotalCon also hosts a variety of other events to fill your days with fun and excitement. We now offer panel discussions, indie movies, some collectible card events, demonstrations, and workshops, . Past events included dinner theaters, live action zombie/mazes, face painting, art shows, and more. Attendees are always welcomed to come in costumes to show off their best and add to the fun atmosphere. Be sure to check back often to see the other great gaming and non-gaming options that will be offered at the next Total Confusion.

As always, these events need the support of dedicated GMs like you. Total Confusion is currently looking for Industry Guests for panel discussions and judges to bring more card games and tournaments to the convention. If you are interested, please contact Steven Parenteau,

Award Information

In the past, TotalCon had an award ceremony to recognize the gamers who gave their all and stood out among the crowd. Two years ago we re-instated the award ceremony to give credit where it is due. We bestow several trophies in all areas of the con. We also have created two special award programs, the Ken Pendelton Lifetime Achievement Award and the Carpentier Awards (Northeast Gamers Choice Award).

The Ken Pendelton LifeTime Achievement Award

In 2004, the Total Confusion Staff decided to formally recognize the dedicated people who have supported our convention by maintaining a standard of excellence for entertaining our attendees over the years. Our first recipient for this award was Ken Pendelton, who was a well-known author and gamer, infamous for his epic adventures. We felt he more than earned it, he deserved to be given the Lifetime Achievement Award. Sadly enough, Ken passed before we had a chance to present this award to him. Therefore, in his honor, we have named it the Ken Pendelton Award. The recipient of this award receives permanent V.I.P. status at Total Confusion.

The Carpentier Awards

In 2008, Total Confusion created an award to recognize excellence by the people who bring their best to conventions: The GMs, Exhibitors, and the exceptional events they offer. Nominees were selected and the winners were chosen by votes cast by area gamers and TotalCon attendees. At the convention last year, attendees were asked to cast votes for the best of the best. Their votes will help determine next year's winners. The NorthEast Gamers Choice award is also known as the Carpentier Award in honor of Wes Carpentier, one of the original founders of Total Confusion. Be sure to submit your votes next year!