Pre-Registration for TotalCon 32 has not Opened

TotalCon 32 Pre-Registration will open soon. Watch the home page and Facebook site.

Full event listings can be found on the event page.

TotalCon Pricing

Badge, Ticket & Costing Policies

After much feedback, TotalCon is changing its pricing policy. TotalCon is implementing a one price badge and will no longer be charging ticket fees. A full weekend badge will be $75 at the door. Thursday or Sunday is $25 at the door. Friday or Saturday is $30 at the door.

Childrens' passes are 50% of the adult pass cost.

Tournaments and specially priced events may incur additional costs (see the event listings for additional costs).

Event registration will remain the same. Reserved tickets will receive priority seating at events. Registering for events is highly encouraged as many events fill up quickly.

Game masters running any event must wait until 5 minutes past the start time of an event before they can accept floaters at their tables. Players with event tickets arriving after floaters have been seated will have to find another event to play in as they caused the table to wait for them. There are no refunds on the event since event tickets have no value.

Attendees serving in the armed forces, will be charged the “pre-reg” pricing with military ID when registering on site.

Due to the changes in ticket values and badge pricing there are no special passes (Board pass, Catan pass, etc).

Note: Attendees registered as adults (not a child 6-16) may not pre-register for any young player events (events listed in the “Y” section in the registration system). Please allow our up and coming gamers to have the places they need to learn and socialize with other attendees their age. Parents of children playing an event may play in the event with their child if space permits.

Redeeming Prize Room Day or Weekend Certificates

Online Registration: If registering online, an attendee will need to pay the reg fee. In the comment section they should notify us that they have a certificate with the certificate number. We will then check our records and if verified, we will refund the appropriate reg fee (weekend or day) via paypal. However, the attendee will still need to bring the certificate to the convention to turn in when they pick up their badge. If I am unable to confirm the certificate number, they will be reimbursed onsite when they turn the certificate picking up their badge.

Mail-in Registration: If registering by mail, the attendee may discount their registration and must submit the certificate with their registration paperwork.

Onsite Registration: If registering onsite, the attendee may just bring the certificate with them and present it at the time of registration to received their discount.

Registration questions can be forwarded to Michelle Graham at